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Digital Mobile Advertising
in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Toronto and Surrounding Area.

Digital Mobile Advertising

Maximizing Exposure

Local Marketing

Have a large impact
Digital advertising in motion throughout the city is 67% more effective to the human eye than a bulletin board in the background. With over 26 years of combined marketing and sales experience from multiple talented advertising agents, we bring the latest innovation in mobile advertising.

As entrepreneurs we know what it takes to make your business succeed through advertising, we have built the ultimate platform model to maximize your business exposure throughout the city!

Digital Advertising

In Motion Advertising
A Digital live ad in motion throughout the city is far more effective than an expensive localize pay click through online ad that are clicked on and just wasted with no potential consumer.

Bring your ads to life! When utilizing a digital ad you’re able to take your message beyond a static image. Creating more eye-catching marketing can lead to more follow through from your target audience on whatever your call to action is on the ad. it will also make your ad more memorable for a passersby who views your ad.

We Accept Crypto

Being in the block chain space since 2014
We support the cryptocurrency and the Blockchain Defi community! In Support we are now accepting multiple cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange to promote your products and services within and around the city.

Weather your a new Cryptocurrency project or you’re promoting you’re Digital NFT Nonfungible talking promotion, we are here to market and promote your new projects, services and nonfungible tokens on our digital displays around the city.

CityAd is a trusted and reliable courier and delivery service in the community. Pick-up and Drop-off, punctual services available.

Any Local events, expect CityAd to be there front and Center! Bringing your business, services and products to a wider audience.

Digital Mobile Advertising

Starting at only $179 a month.
We suggest your business with a circle of our business friends.
Our sales agent drivers will personally handle your business cards and flyers when
Inquired about on our digital screens.
We have a multi stop program and route to capture the audience.
We have The largest fleet covering the demographic area versus others.
Conditional services you may choose more impressions because of our multi fleet.

Whether you’re a small start up business or a hedge fund investment corporation. We believe the rules of business success is transparency loyalty and Trust!

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